Good Mood is an architectural, urban and design practice established in Melbourne in November 2012.
The name of the company is the attitude that drives all the projects and that characterizes our team.
We believe that architecture doesn’t affect only the space but the mood of the people who live in it and we want to influence it in a good and positive way.
Good Mood is an itinerant studio that combines art and architecture, reality and abstraction, elegance and entertaining.
The main inspiration is the kid’s world and their approach to everything that surrounds them. Their curiosity, their wish to discover, their need to examine with all 5 senses and their gift of being always surprised and amazed by simple things. We want to look through their eyes and to produce interesting and surprising spaces.
Other inspirations are nature, the human body, geometry and the past. We wish to design the new and the contemporary beginning from what is already good and wonderful in the world we live in and from what predecessors have traced and successfully investigated.
Our work is a continuous research, the principles and language of our practice are composed by colour, contrast, decoration, smooth and pleasant shapes, purity, detail, personalization and entertainment.
We need to be happy to make people happy; we mostly wear colourful clothes and they are brighter in the grey and rainy days. We listen inspiring music, keep informed about art and contemporary ways of expression and most of all we try our best to be and to make people feel in a Good Mood through our design.

Tea is a passionate architect and artist interested in combining and interchanging various disciplines in order to create a unique masterpiece. The investigation, experimentation with colours, materials, techniques and shapes allow her to see things from a different point of view and to create unique and vibrating spaces.
Graduated with honours from the University of Architecture of Genova, Italy, in 2006, has an international working experience at FDG of Genova, Italy, MBM of Barcelona, Spain, Valode et Pistre of Paris, France and CHT and Woods Bagot of Melbourne, Australia.

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Mattia is a perfectionist architect, with a great passion for the fine and precise drawing, the complex geometry, the space, the accurate details and the decoration. Curiosity, perseverance, honesty and the desire to follow his dreams and realize those of the others always leads him to unique and special choices.
Graduated from the University of Architecture of Venice, Italy, in 2005, has an international working experience at Grasso Uras of Genova, Italy, EMBT of Barcelona, Spain, Hassell, Hayball and NHA of Melbourne, Australia.

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