The hidden apartment


Situated in an old but elegant building in Carignano district, in Genova (Italy), there is this hidden apartment with one access from the exterior, at the ground floor level, and another from the interior staircase from the level -1.

The first impression was of an interesting but quite oppressive and dark apartment, which definitely needed a good refreshment and to bring in the light and air from the beautiful surrounding area.

The new materials and finishes used, were therefore bright and light.
Some interior doors were removed to open up the space and to allow the light to penetrate from the exterior, and all the new ones are plain and in white color, to contribute to a brighter space.

The existing floor, mainly in “Graniglia alla Genovese”, has been covered with laminated timber and pvc, according to the function of the space.
A small service bathroom has been added to the main one, keeping a continuity of style and tones between the two.

All the electrical installations have been updated, in order to adapt to the new requirements and the client’s needs and desires.

The construction company, and all the team involved in the renovation, did a great job, and thus, it is shown in the final result.