Safari LOVE & LIVE


Showing the BEAUTY and diversity of the animal kingdom but its FRAGILITY and the problem of ENDANGERED SPECIES.

The idea behind the design is to show and sensitize people about the BEAUTY and diversity of the animal kingdom but also about the problem of ENDANGERED SPECIES. Obviously the list is so much wider and concerning but this is just a small reminder, realized in a soft, nice and delicate way.

Each animal is highlighted with a big coloured circle, which represents the conservation status of the species, and the legend is made by the bold text of the same colour.

For example, the Sunda tiger, the rhino and the Amur leopard, all circled in a reddish colour, are critically endangered, the yellowish are endangered and so on.

This safari animal-inspired pattern has been drawn by hand, giving the importance to the traits and line thicknesses, then digitally assembled and coloured.

The baobab leaves are the connection between the different animals and the elements that bond the pattern.

The design has been thought originally for the wallpaper but it can be easily used for fabric and all different elements of home and décor.

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