MB Set design

Concept or Description

The Set wants to represent the Marvellous Melbourne during the gold rush Era along with the characters that inhabited and gave it its special charisma.
The main inspirations are the richness of materials, the mix of cultures, the foreign influences and innovations but also the difficulties, the contradictions and the contrasts due to the quick growth of the city in a limited period of time.

The two main aspects/spaces considered are principally interior and exterior:
The interior is a small quiet and peaceful island, a refuge from the tough, busy and challenging exterior environment.
The sinuous shapes, the bright tones the meticulous decorations, the artworks and the elegant accessories are balanced by the straight lines, the neutral earthy colours, the simple objects of Melbourne Streetscape.
Two very dissimilar spaces but simultaneously deeply connected through openings, common views and lanes; the interior blends with the exterior and vice versa.

On the background it is represented the development, the technologies, the constructions and the new discoveries. They want to show the greatness and uniqueness of the period in which the show is set.
In the design there is a clear reference to the most beautiful, distinctive and amusing buildings, that crafted the Melbourne that we all know today, and that were built at this time. Some of them intended as temporary but which fortunately are still standing today as a memory of the 1880’s.

Advancement and backwardness, richness and indigence, rise and fall, progress and corruption, feminine strength and masculine supremacy, defeats and triumph are also some themes inspiring the concept of the set.
The past, present and the future are all linked in a great show meant to be performed within an intricate set.

Project Facts

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: 2016
Typology: Set Design