La sopraelevata, oggi domani e sempre

Concept or Description

The Good Mood Factory participated and won the 3rd Prize in the International Design Competition: “Urban Metamorphosis” Genoa, Italy.
The central theme of the competition is transforming a very well-known and historic high-speed traffic road into a pedestrian pathway. Our proposal takes in consideration the positive and negative factors of its presence in the surrounding space. We suggest to preserve a part of it, when of a use and in a good location, to break it when needed for opening new outlooks and to adjust it and extend it in order to blend with the port and the city center, currently 2 very separate areas due to the existence of the high traffic road.

Kilometres of road at high-speed traffic, cut between the coastline and the city, ordered repetitive steel skyline, becomes a pleasant pedestrian path, organic, to enjoy with serenity and a system to bond two very diverse realities but part of an ensemble. Green track, light, various and unique element of wealth.
The overpass enters into the compact historic centre, it turns into soft shades and into new floor.
It breaks giving breath and bright to the adjacent spaces, it goes up and down, turns into terrace over the harbour, guideline to discover the city and green lung. It is always present as a witness of the current steel ribbon and as new reference and identity for the city of Genova.

The “Sopraelevata”:
It dissolves in the city centre
It spreads onto the port
It breaks

Project Facts

Location: Genova, Italy
Competition Authority: Associazione Amici della Sopraelevata
Competition entry date: 10/2013
Competition Title: Progetti per una metamorfosi urbana
Typology: Infrastructure
Status: Competition
Awards: 3rd Place