Genie, the kitchen


The Good Mood Factory realized an exciting and challenging global refurbishment of a kitchen in the city of Genova, Italy.


Several limitations and requirements had to be taken into consideration, these became inspirational ideas to develop and made our project so special and just for this unique space and family.

Objects of the project is a major change in the layout, demolition of flooring and walls finishes, the realization of new ones,  the enclosure of kitchen exhaust, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical works, linings and skirting, metal fixtures, accessories, equipment, artist work, tiling finishes, painting and wall covering.

The main palette for the kitchen is white, timber and electric blue.

This allows The Good Mood Factory to have a neutral base to work with, but with the addition of a strong and bespoke splash of colour.

The determining points for the preliminary concept are:

Making the kitchen as bright as possible.

It faces to an internal patio and the previous brown shades didn’t benefit its condition.

To achieve this goal, white painting is used for walls, doors and ceilings, all kitchen joineries are white, good and different illumination fixtures and types are provided.

Creating a warm and cosy space, despite the very high ceiling.

This is achieved using beech wood for the kitchen and bench top. Also keeping the old timber shelf and adding some colourful artworks and elements to the walls and as ornaments. The curves and shapes of the mosaic under the window and the end of the kitchen bench improve that feeling and soften up the space.

Replacement of the old look with a new industrial but refined style.

Use of concrete finish for flooring, skirting and splash back. Provision of contemporary blue electric lights, use of custom-made metal fixtures, in the same tone of the electrical elements, for the track and “library stair”, to accede the mezzanine doors.

Client personalization of the space.

On the splashback has been reproduced an old and significant recipe of the client’s grandmother.

The cook’s calligraphy has been reproduced with precision and adjusted on the available space using the same electric blue colour of the lights and metal fixtures. Her signature is also visible over the cooktop, and it gives the name to our unique project.

International kitchen as the family that inhabit its apartment and as a reminiscence of The Good Mood Factory experience and development.

Industrial style from Melbourne, strong colour and use of mosaic from Gaudi’s works in Barcelona and settled, long life and beauty of materials from Italy make the kitchen a mix of cultures that coexist with harmony in the same room.


Project Facts

Location: Italy
Date: 2016
Client: Private
Project Status: Completed
Typology: Interior
Builder: Irea SRL
Joinery: Scavolini
Metal Fixture: TB Fabbro