Baby proofing


Custom and unique baby proofing, designed and made to avoid toddlers going up and down a dangerous spiral stairs or falling from the side of it.
10 meters of white net have been used to wrap the perimeter of the stairs, for the bottom entry of the door, for all the finishes and connections.
The top entry of the stairs is instead made of a recycled panel of MDF, medium density fibreboard, with perforated circles of different diameters. This is connected to the structure through the matching white net, which works as a hinge, and it is locked through a steel carabiner.

The intent is to close out the stair in a minimal, clean and interesting way without, however, blocking the view or decreasing the light that currently passes through it, which gives the space its unique filling and appearance.


Project Facts

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Date: 2017
Typology: Interior
Status: Completed