The calm apartment



Another example of a global refurbishment of an apartment located in Genova, Italy in the Marassi district realized by The Good Mood Factory.

It is a project with minimum change and low budget, but clean and with a great impact and result.
The owner is a calm and intellectual person with a preference for a classical and neutral style. We worked together in order to refresh the entire apartment and to give a continuity of style and tones, especially to the bathroom and the kitchen.

Most of the existing floor in “Graniglia alla Genovese” has been maintained, all the electrical and gas installations have been updated, in order to adapt to the new requirements, the bathroom has been slightly enlarged and its configuration and style has been freshened up and modified.

To succeed in giving a new but settled look to the apartment, we have used tiles in warm grey tones combined with a localized grey and blue triangle pattern.
These tones together with the white of the painted walls, the ceilings and the fixtures give brightness and a cozy look to the space.

The same color combination has been used in the bathroom and the kitchen, with the special pattern located in specific points and areas more visible or useful; like the background of the shower, and the splashback above the cooktop.

The result was a happy client, and, consequently, happy us, at Good Mood Factory!

Project Facts

Location: Genoa, Italy
Date: 2021
Typology: Interiours
Discipline: Architecture
Status: Completed
Software: Revit